Are you "Out Standing in Your Field"? - ELB Consulting

“OUTSTANDING” in your field, vs. “out standing” in your field (like this old rusty truck surrounded by unwanted growth and rubble)…

We live in a data driven world; accelerated by the proliferation of Big Data and the Internet-of-Things.

Essentially every electronic device and transaction creates (or is accessed) for usable, trending and actionable demographic information. The demographics industry has exploded, and the firms that collect and sell this information have in excess of 30,000 detailed characteristics about our choices and habits. And that’s just the external data available to support informed decisions.

Internally, businesses generate substantial and valuable data on various departmental systems; ERP, accounting/finance, sales/POS, customer data, HR, operations, projects, transactions, real estate, compliance, etc. The bigger and faster you grow, the more disparate (and silo like) an organization can become. Every business group/department focuses on their specific needs and P&L. And while system interfaces may exist, it is typically very difficult for managers and the c-suite to know “what is what” across the enterprise of platforms.

The collection of a unified data set (warehouse) is typically time consuming and quasi-manual. And if it is successfully collected in a usable form, it may be quickly out dated. And it is still normally a stagnant repository to produce metrics and reports, and drop into a static data visualization tool.

Being able to effectively consume and aggregate vast amounts of valuable internal and external information into a “single source of truth” can be the difference in being OUTSTANDING in your field, or just out-standing in your field (and wondering or guessing if you have the best decision related data).

 Not having the information you need when you need it leaves you wanting. Not knowing where to look for that information leaves you powerless. In a society where information is king, none of us can afford that. – Lois Horowitz

For a business to be truly OUTSTANDING in its field, it needs timely access to accurate and actionable enterprise information to Analyze, Decide, Act, and then Measure. This capability will enable both tactical and strategic decision making at every level of the organization.

In the corporate real estate  industry you need a BI Tool that easily consumes and aggregates vast amounts of data from both disparate internal and external sources, then delivers a flexible and configurable dashboard with metrics, analytics, and KPI’s tailored specifically to your business needs.

That will help you become OUTSTANDING in your field.

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