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Are you a CPA? Offer your clients cost seg, and let us handle the rest.

Cost Segregation for CPAs

Expand your services to your clients by offering cost segregation without doing any of the work. Our expert engineers will handle the entire process with audit protection and required documentation.

Offer more specialty tax services for your clients


Get more clients

By adding cost segregation and other “fully engineered tax solutions” to your service offering, you provide a wider range of services and tax benefit analysis in your offering to potential clients. The added tax strategy shows your business to bring more value than the competition. This is especially the case with clients that work within the real estate industry or own the buildings they occupy. Delivering better tax strategy secures more new clients.

Retain more clients

Your valued clients are always looking for the best tax strategies to reduce their tax burden. If they invest in rental homes, are owner occupiers of their business building(s), or are involved in the commercial real estate industry, depreciation optimization through cost segregation can deliver HUGE tax benefits on their building components. When you recommend these services and mitigate (or eliminate) their current tax liability, they will remain loyal and committed long-term client relationships.

You can offer your clients a fully engineered and accounted cost segregation study + other engineered tax solutions by partnering with ELB.

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No liability on you or your firm.

Lifetime Audit Protection

We stand behind our cost segregation studies and defend our cost segregation studies for as long as your client owns the property. The forensic detail of our fully engineered and accounted methodology provides a “bullet proof” level of protection, protecting you and your client for liability. In the event of an audit, we handle all the inquiries and address and clear all the questions. It’s as simple as that.

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Effective management tool.

Fixed Asset Detail

Our methodology breaks down every component of your client’s property to get the most benefits possible. The detail and precision that we’re able to accomplish on our studies serves as a comprehensive fixed asset tool that meets (we actually exceed) all requirements of the IRS Tangible Property Regulations. This asset management tool can be provided to our client, and to you the CPA in an Excel file to import into your platform and effectively handle future disposition and abandonment, as well as ridding the asset sheet of any “Ghost Assets”. For more information on ‘Component Level Depreciation’, check out this blog link.

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We identify every detail.

Equal Treatment of Components

Every component straight-line and accelerated has value in our eyes, no matter how small. In our process, we assign a value to every component in the building, whether its acquired or new construction. Then once priced out completely, we assign a life class to each component. As a result, you get maximum benefit from accelerated property and complete detail on the straight-line property components. Other methodologies tend to cherry-pick the easy items and bundle the rest. As a result, they leave money on the table.

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We keep up with all cost seg tax code.

Consistently Updated Tax Code

As you are aware, tax codes are constantly changing. It’s takes enough time and energy to keep up with all your personal and business IRS tax guidelines. Let ELB take some of the burden off your shoulders by keeping up with any and all tax changes related to cost segregation and the other specialty engineered tax solutions. That way you can focus on your areas of expertise, and we can be your engineering partner that maximizes deductions for your clients and reduces your liability.

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Quality Assurance Guarantee and Lifetime Audit Protection

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Absolutely No Studies Rejected or Denied by the IRS

Do you have a client that would benefit from cost segregation?

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We've completed cost segregation studies in all 50 states across the USA.



We've completed cost segregation studies in all 50 states across the USA.

Over 14,000 Studies Done Since 2002

Your official cost segregation report is based on nearly two decade’s worth of research and experience. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of America’s top brands.

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

“I want to thank ELB for helping us with a cost segregation study on our retail assets. The benefit to our company, as a result, have been astounding.”

- Michael T., Timber Development Group

“ELB Consulting cost segregation study discovered over $395,000 in adjusted cash flow and benefits for my car wash property. I was so impressed with how it worked, I am getting the study done on two more of my car wash/retail stores.”

- Salim P., Chancellor Holdings

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