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ELB’s team of experts are drawn from the ranks of the Big-4 and Big-5 accounting firms of Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst and Young, LLP, and Arthur Anderson.

Our in-house team of engineers, accountants and construction professionals has performed thousands of cost segregation studies. We have also successfully defended hundreds of our studies in tax court.

The IRS supports our studies and often asks our experts to review competitors’ reports for accuracy.

Cost Segregation Services

Our experts conducting your cost segregation study are specialists in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Our team also consists of construction, accounting, and tax specialists in the field of cost segregation. ELB is one of the few firms in the country that has successful audit and litigation experience with the IRS.

R&D Studies

The research tax credit of IRC § 41 remains a valuable source of support to businesses that conduct qualified research and development. Let our team show you just how easy it is to start saving today.

Energy Audit

Let our design team provide energy efficiency guidance so you can receive the maximum tax savings on your project.

Cost Segregation Design Guidance

ELB provides up-front design guidance to you and your team in order to maximize your tax savings. Did you know that you can typically receive an additional 6-10% on top of your existing cost segregation tax benefits by working with our team? Contact our design team to receive your complimentary cost segregation design guidance on your next project.

Construction Audit

Construction projects are among the largest and most complex financial expenditures undertaken by many entities. Construction contracts are very complicated and difficult to read. All contract types can and should be audited to ensure you have not over paid. If you have completed a construction project within the last three (3) years in excess of $500,000 then you should contact us for an independent free review.

Energy Tax Credits

Thinking of building an energy efficient building? We can help you save even more. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (“EPAct 2005”) established new federal tax deductions for all qualifying investment cost in commercial buildings that improves the energy efficiency of the whole building or for each of three building subsystems: lighting and lighting controls; HVAC/Hot Water; and the building envelope (defined as the perimeter of the building including roof, walls, windows, doors and flooring systems.). To qualify, a project (the whole building or subsystem) must reduce energy use by set percentages versus a baseline standard for energy efficiency published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE 90.1-2001). The amount of available federal tax deduction depends on the efficiency of the system. Federal tax deductions are available for both newly constructed buildings and retrofits of existing buildings placed in service from January 2006 through December 2013. Click here to see just how much you can save.

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