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Simone Biles has become the one of the leading faces of USA gymnastics

Everyone loves the Olympics and the national pride of rooting for one’s country. It is a time when the partisan nature we’ve come to know ‘as normal’ is washed away – and we can all come together and root for the former champions, new stars and journeymen seeking their first medal.

Whether its Michael Phelps making history (again) with another Gold medal in the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, or the first vault for Simone Biles, the newest superstar in USA gymnastics; we can all hoist the American flag with pride.

It wasn’t just Biles who delivered, the entire USA team vaulted to a comfortable lead in the first night of competition.  Being the favorite also means all the other competing gymnasts are out to prove themselves as well. Competition pushes us all to do better.

In real estate it’s all about “location, location, location”; in sports it’s all about “practice, practice, practice”…

  Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. – Vince Lombardi

How did Simone Biles become one of the best gymnasts ever?

Certainly there’s a pure level of God given talent; add an incredible sense of balance and a confident and fearless attitude. Those are just the ingredients; putting them together takes an enormous amount of training and practice. To develop a winning routine, it is practiced countless times, with many falls and mistakes along the way, then a “get up and do it again”… until its perfect.

To perfect your craft, it helps to have the right place to practice. Simone has an incredible training facility, our firm was fortunate enough to see it up close and identify every single construction component and light that put it together.

How did we get such access you ask?

Our world class engineering team was identified and selected to conduct both a Cost Segregation Study and EPACT 179 Energy Tax Deduction evaluation for Simone’s training facility – thus improving the financial performance that real estate asset.

We are grateful for the opportunity to perform this service for her father, and show our 20 year expertise and gold medal excellence in our respective field.

Now we cheer and roar for Simone and the entire USA Olympic team in Rio!

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