Going Green doesn't have to be extreme - ELB Consulting

Most assume going green requires CapEx & long-term payback

It doesn’t. In many cases, we find immediate, no-cost savings opportunities by just tuning the current systems in place.

The objective is to provide great financial returns, while improving the environment. This is achieved by helping companies understand how, when and where resources are utilized, and use that understanding to identify cost effective efficiency opportunities to implement. Findings are supported by turning identified opportunities into reality through detailed ROI business cases.

How you ask? Start with an ASHRAE Level II audit to identify the opportunities that can deliver a short term, mid-term and/or long term ROI. Within the professional report, these opportunities are quantified from the business case methodology with specific ‘energy savings’ and the ‘payback term’ where investment is required.

Utility expense typically accounts for +/- one-third of a building’s operating budget. So, by tuning building performance and deploying an ongoing energy management tool; you can easily reduce NOI, thereby improving the cap rate.

The short-term projects essentially focus on better systems management and operations of what’s currently in place, or minimal investment that delivers a payback in less than 12 months. With building engineer turn-over or many systems that may gradually get out of tune; there are always minor adjustments and tuning that cost no money and have an immediate and measurable impact.

The mid-term opportunities focus on 2 to 3-year ROI with a favorable IRR. The long-term opportunities extend beyond three years, and while they may deliver significant savings opportunities, there can be significant capital expenditure is required to implement the recommendations.

In many areas, the local power companies have programs to rebate 50% of the audit cost (up to +/-$10K depending on where your located) when the energy savings opportunities are implemented. They have a vested interest in their commercial business clients becoming more efficient.

Ongoing, we tie into the existing building information platforms to monitor and management the critical points in the energy/resource usage continuum. Thereby, delivering very effective and useful tools to the building engineers, management companies and ownership on the operational efficiency. Our team delivers oversight on all alerts and anomalies to insure energy usage issues are handled promptly.

Something unique to our firms’ business model; we are not looking to sell equipment solutions (like HVAC, Meters, etc.) because of our audit. We focus squarely on the consulting, providing the assessment that enables our clients to ‘bid out’ for competitive and open systems when/where hardware is needed. This energy audit, monitoring and management component, coupled with our other elb360 solutions truly improves the financial performance of a commercial real estate asset.

We want to help you generate great returns, that improve the environment!

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