Reduce Your 2016 Federal Tax Liability - ELB Consulting

We can help you lighten your load AND improve cash flow!

If any of you (or your clients) own commercial real estate (CRE) with improvements valued at $300,000 or more, there may be real opportunity to reduce your 2016 tax bill. There is still plenty of time for our firm to identify potentially substantial federal tax deductions associated with your property to apply to your 2016 federal taxes.

There is likely significant tax deductions and increased cash flow hidden within the walls and boundaries of your CRE property

Through our industry unique “fully engineered and accounted” cost segregation methodology, ELB and its team of engineers identifies every component in your building, whether it that qualifies for a shorter tax life or not. As such, we not only identify your deductions, our study serves as an asset management report too. Our competitors typically charge extra for this service.

Through a cost segregation study, owners benefit from the time value of money

ELB’s methodology will identify all available deductions (allowable by the IRS) to improve your cash flow. It is like treasure hidden within the walls and grounds of your property. This level of detail provided by our firm not only provides significant cash infusion and asset detail; as a byproduct, it also provides for compliance with the 2014 I.R.S. Tangible Property Regulations.

Not sure your building qualifies? Essentially all types of CRE can qualify; office buildings, medical facilities/offices, hospitals, multi-family apartments, shopping centers, restaurants, auto dealerships, car washes, golf courses, industrial/flex space, self-storage, residential single family rentals, etc.

While “fully engineered and accounted” cost segregation is the core of our business, ELB offers a suite of solutions designed to improve the overall tax and financial performance of CRE assets. We leverage our ‘elb360’ approach when evaluating a project to determine what other tax and energy solutions may apply. These include the EPAct 2005 179D & 45L, R&D Tax Credits, or an ASHRAE Energy Audit and ongoing management to reduce NOI and improve the cap rate. For planned new construction, we can consult with the architect and GC to incorporate minimal changes that maximize the ‘tax friendly’ status of a building – just to name a few.

Whether you have just completed (or are planning) construction, a recent acquisition, a renovation/remodel, or even have a 10 to 15-year-old property that has never had a study – there is the opportunity to realize cash flow and federal tax deductions.

Contact us to discuss how these benefits may apply to your specific properties. And if it is appropriate in your circumstance, we will conduct a ‘no-cost’ Feasibility Assessment on properties for 2016 tax incentives.

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